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Staying logged in on return visits

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There used to be a function in the profile settings where you can choose to stay logged in for a set period of time (I think one year max) which was very convenient. In the new TC every single time I open TC on the computer or on my phone I have to log in and do a two page captcha of selecting bicycles or boats or buses. It's a minor inconvenience but it's also contributing to me posting less cuz I don't usually realize I'm not logged in until I go to comment on someone's post and realize, oh crap, I gotta select bikes again. So I just say screw it and keep browsing. These are petty things but I honestly would be participating significantly more on the forum if I was infinitely logged in.

Yeah it's a bit annoying I agree. The old session code is a bit weird and the keep me logged in was added later. It's on the list of improvements but I'm currently working on the next version of https://mytiki.life so it could be a while.

Thanks for keeping it on your radar.

Yes, I think it deters me from posting at times too. It will be good when that's gone. Thanks for all your hard work Leevi


Totally agree. I logged in specifically to post this comment because i had to log in no matter what just to give your comment a thumbs up.

mikehooker swizzle MadDogMike, I've just deployed an update that increases the session time to 7 days. You may need to logout / login to create a new session… let me know how it goes.

Will do, thank you sir

Thanks for being so responsive to requests.

It works!!!

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