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Paradis du Zombi - Detroit, MI

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After 25 years of thinking about building a bar, I finally took the opportunity during the pandemic. I had built a small tiki room in my old house 15 years ago, but it only lasted 1 year. Paradis du Zombi had been home to many outdoor parties long before becoming a permanent, dedicated bar, but with everything in lockdown I needed a creative outlet… and a place for my stuff.



So to start, I needed to clean out this dump and have a new foundation poured. My neighborhood is all clay and most of our garages have sunk about 4-6 inches



Then replace the roll up door with carriage doors, add French doors on the side, upgrade electrical and add insulation



Once the walls were sheathed, I could finally hang some tapa


All of the trim is by Dave at LakeTiki Woodcraft. Including the door trim. He also carved custom wraps for the crossbeams


Thatch and bamboo on the ceiling, vinyl plank flooring installed.


A few lights in place…


Much more to do…. Currently building the backbar and a few other structures. Feel free to follow the daily progress on IG. @paradis_du_zombi


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awesome, FZ!


Ya made me thirsty

Props on the insulation. So many people want to skip that step but will regret it later.

I'm impressed by what you've put together thus far. And your light collection is already top notch!

Thanks! I wasn’t going to insulate. I wasn’t even going to repour the foundation. It was a full year delay, but I decided to do it right from the beginning. I’ve found myself doing things that I previously had just thought, “wouldn’t it be great if…”, such as the French doors.

Oh, wow. Looks great! I really like those covered beams.

Looks terrific. Dave did a great job with those beams--I remember when he posted some images of them on his Lake Tiki Woodcrafts FB page.

Looks great! Good Job!

you won't regret doing it right at all. If its comfortable (i.e. insulated) - you'll enjoy it more, use it more, and others will appreciate it even more so. Soooooo glad I didn't rush my build - took awhile, but I wouldn't change a bit.

This is one my favourite follows on IG, such an epic collection!

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