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Harvesting sea salt.

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There was this show on TCM and it was a documentary about this group of villagers and how they made money harvesting and selling salt. They would go out to sea and scoop salt up from the ocean with nets and buckets and bring it back in boats to dry in the sun.

But these people were on an island they had nothing else, there you ate fish cuz that's all you had. No stores nothing a boat came and took the salt away and that was about it.

Well they would find shells and coral that they would pull up with the salt and it would pile up so they took the cool shells and coral and made grave tombstones for their people. So at the time of this documentary 40s 50s salt was like 25 cents for that Morton salt round box we still get today.

Just think of the pennies they got for the salt.

BUT here's the thing the shells and coral even then would have brought them way more money than that stupid salt.

So are you harvesting salt, or sellin shells and coral.

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