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I’ll be in Boston for a couple days. Plan to visit Kowloon and Shore Leave. What other spots would you recommend for great cocktails and experiences? Doesn’t need to be strictly tiki.

Wusong Road in Cambridge is even better than Shore Leave. Im there every Wednesday!


Chiming in with @Kevidently, Wusong Road in Harvard Square is the (Tiki) bomb! Co-owner Jason Doo is the main creator and chef, fully qualified and inspired to build an immersive Tiki experience -- especially the upstairs bar and dining area. Read his thoughtful essay at wusongroad.com

Some great photos here: https://boston.eater.com/2022/2/1/22912291/wusong-road-cambridge-tiki-bar-restaurant-gallery

While Kowloon remains for now as the local Tiki palace, Wusong Road already represents the new frontier in tropical escapism (without the lottery tickets and pro-wrestler head shots).

Below is the text from my general review at Yelp.


Memorial Day weekend, came here to check out the tiki decor, which is already becoming well-known in the tiki community. The atmosphere was indeed immersive and well-crafted, and fortunately this is also an outstanding and innovative restaurant.

Ordered the "signature" bao dish, basically delicate gourmet sandwiches that were tasty and filling. One was pulled pork with chipotle char siu, and the other was crispy chicken katsu with sriracha aioli. Loved the humorous hand-made pig and chicken decorations on the buns.

Also had the "lu rou fan" bowl, with braised pork belly on jasmine rice, with soy egg. Very savory! If you know pork belly, this was the real deal.

Overall the menu prices were very reasonable. Affordable fine dining is clearly a goal here.

The drink menu includes a wide variety of tiki classics. I had a Mai Tai, it was simple and perfect.

The service was attentive and friendly. I even had a chance to meet Jason, the enthusiastic and energetic chef and co-owner. He created the interior and innovative menu, and has a rich background in Chinese restaurants and the mystique of 'tiki escapism'.

The ground floor is a casual cafe layout, with light tropical decor. The upstairs level is a fully immersive tiki environment with thatching, fish-trap lanterns, hanging floats, etc. Both levels have a full bar; check out the tiki mugs!

Currently the restaurant is open noon to 3 PM for lunch (ground floor), and re-opens at 5 PM for dinner (both floors).

A fun experience, highly recommended!

I'd just like to chime in that I live in the Granite State, just about an hour north of Boston... and I STILL haven't gotten to visit Wusong Road. The place looks like so much fun. We need more tiki up north!

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