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Red Heart rum?

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Ran across this while scouring (without success) for Coruba. I dimly remember the name being referenced by TV & DtBC in their books/menus of a zillion years ago.

Anyone have any thoughts and/or tasting notes on this rum?

Mahalo in advance.

Historic Jamaican rum (Lemon Hart also used to issue a Jamaica rum). Not produced anymore. https://rumauctioneer.com/lot/3652/red-heart-jamaica-rum-1940s

delete3 This is the one I saw (at Palm Beach Liquors, in case anyone is keeping score). Probably a shadow of the one from back in the day...

Hurricane Hayward discussed this rum on the Kohala Bay thread... https://tikicentral.com/viewpost.php?post_id=794452


Mahalo for this.

I still have three bottles. An outstanding rum, IMHO. I'd recommend snagging it whenever you find it again.

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