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The Narrow Escape II

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My second tiki themed build was an outdoor bar in our side yard that measured about 7' x 30'. Hence, it was named "The Narrow Escape".

This one will be thankfully less narrow at 10'x16'. I built the existing shed a couple years ago as a workshop, so it has electricity and a cold water supply.

The interior is bare studs, so I plan to fully insulate the walls and ceiling and hang drywall (bleh!). I've got two weeks before I start a new job so it's time to get cracking!

My vision for the project is a comfortable lounge with soft colorful lighting and tropical decor, where I can have my guitars and hi-fi ready to play with exotica vinyl on display. Not too hung up on "authenticity", not going to spend thousands on tapa and antique Witco (love that stuff but I'm too cheap).

We recently visited The Enchanted Tiki Room with the kids, and while we somehow didn't catch COVID, I think my daughter did catch the Tiki bug because she immediately came home and made hanging parrots out of pipe cleaners. She's pretty excited about the project and it feels like a good opportunity to teach her some construction skills.


Here's the shed as it stands now.


Awesome, looking forward to seeing progress on the space. Cool that your daughter is into it, now you have a partner in crime!

Here's the current state of affairs, paint is still wet. The walls came out a lot more green than I expected, this color looked much more gray in the samples. I know I should have done some brush outs first but it is so darn easy to shoot a whole room with that airless sprayer. And, WOW it is dark in here.

I'm imagining a wainscot all around with split bamboo fencing. In between the rafters would be reed fencing. Lots of tropical potted plants.

Haven't decided yet what to do with the floor..might just paint it, but I could throw down some vinyl plank pretty easily too.

Starting to think this might not go traditional Tiki. Might be a bit more "tropical man cave". If this veers too far off course for this forum, let me know and I'll stop muddying the waters.



Great name for a bar. If you can find a Madagascar palm even a small one it will be three feet in no time they grow fast. And they look really tropical.

Just throw a tiki in your bar and you will be fine.

Good luck.

Madagascar palm.... https://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/237868/

That Madagascar Palm looks like a cuddly lil' fella...thanks for the tip!

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