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Malapascua Island - Center of the Philippines

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Since many of the Tiki Travel threads already cover the "typical" islands (many of which I still have not been to, like Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora, etc and Hawaii), I thought I would continue my Tiki Travel posts on the subject of islands I have visited but that you may not have heard about.

Malapascua Island is a small 2.5km island north of Cebu Island pretty much dead center in The Philippines, but despite the relatively short boat rides to other surrounding islands, it is just far enough away to feel absolutely middle of nowhere. Being the Philippines, everyone speaks English, the beach is some of the whitest I have ever seen, and the fact it is quite a trek from Cebu (which is where you are likely to arrive by plane, necessitating a van ride and a boat ride), it isn't likely to be that busy even in the on-season.

The whole island is very easily traversed on foot or on bike. I didn't even bother with the bike.


I stayed at the Exotic Island Dive Resort and found it affordable, welcoming, friendly, and well staffed.


The island does have its share of run-down old restaurants and hotels, but in my view this actually contributes to the charm, because it does make it feel like it's a very much a world away and there's nothing else around.


I prefer to go places that not so many people have been to. You're roughing it more (sometimes as evidenced by the Goto Retto, I was literally sleeping in my tent or my rental car), but the prices are much, much more affordable. Especially given the huge chunk of change the transport to get there will cost. I will post a Tiki Travel thread on Guam though, which is far more known and traveled.

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Thanks for sharing all these pictures - I'm just catching up on all your recent travel posts. I probably would have never considered this place, but I love getting new ideas. Cheers!

You're very much welcome. I have others, but I'm trying not to flood TC with just posts from me.

Like I said, I think word is still filtering out that TC is back up, so it may take some time for traffic to be more regularised.

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