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ISO - Mother's Day Mai Tai glasses...

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I wanted to do a Tiki themed mother's day lunch. Part of that was giving all the moms one of these. Of COURSE they're sold out. Of COURSE I haven't gotten a reply from TV when/if these will be restocked.

So. Are there any other similarly designed double old fashioned glasses out there? They wouldn't HAVE to say anything specifically "mother-ish" (although that would be great).

Screenshot_20220424-073755Any thoughts/suggestions?

These TVs glasses are great. Yes I missed out on them. As far as my knowledge goes no other glasses like that. A Mother’s Day cocktail glass is pretty darn specific. However there are tons of wine glasses with similar sayings like “don’t bother mama while she’s drinking” or “my turn to wine”. Vic’s usually brings back popular designs again. But I won’t expect them again until next Mother’s Day.

[ Edited by Digitiki on 2022-04-24 10:27:48 ]

I'd settle for something with a pink-y, peach-y design. So far, no luck on ANY front. Argh.

Hamo posted on Thu, May 19, 2022 10:36 PM

Possibly too late for your Mother's Day lunch, but the glasses are back in stock on the TV site....

Cool, thanks! Maybe I'll stock up for next year.

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