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Guam - Where America Starts Its Day

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Back in 2010, when I was in discussions/paperwork/testing to finish my commissioning to become an officer in the Navy (I had previously been a midshipman from 2003-2006 but after a hazing incident against me, I decided not to commission), I had the opportunity to visit Guam (as an officer candidate applicant in Japan, Guam was the closest officer recruitment station to me, and my officer recruiter was there).

Long story short, after going through the process, going through grad school, and even getting a recommendation from the four-star admiral in charge of the Atlantic fleet (USFFC)... The Navy had nowhere to put me, and it just fizzled out. In fairness, my life had already taken a big swing to the left and I wasn't terribly broken up about it. That ship, quite literally in a manner of speaking, had sailed. The Navy and I parted amicably, and other than the incident when I was a senior middy, I generally look upon my experiences as in the "glad I tried that" category.

And the trip to Guam was amazing, and if you have a chance, I absolutely recommend visiting.


I stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe, which I chose not just for its affordability (Navy wasn't picking up the entire bill!), but also for its color and because I'm a New Mexican.


There are many great WWII monuments and museums scattered through out the National Parks. It may not be overtly Tiki, but it does explain the narrative we always hear about how those who were stationed in the Pacific theatre during WWII brought Tiki or proto-Tiki or a desire for that back with them.

IMG_0890 IMG_0893IMG_0907IMG_0912

Lots of Hispano-Colonial style Churches dot the island, which is easily driven around if you rent a car.


Guam has some of the clearest, blueist (azureist?) water I have seen on any of my island visits! The snorkeling and scuba are exceptional, if that is your sort of thing.


I’ve always wanted to travel to the American territories in the Pacific - thanks for sharing!

Guam is truly spectacular and I heartily recommend a visit.

Looks spectacular! My next door neighbors spent some time in Guam and enjoyed it, he was in the Navy also. She tells lots of stories of the island including that avocados were plentiful but the people didn't eat them so they just fell and rotted. She had her fill of delicious, tree ripened avocados.

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