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A lucrative business venture...

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We were happy to see all the news, events, and festivities surrounding the Oceanic Arts auction. It's wonderful to see Bob and LeRoy's life work both documented and celebrated in this way.

Reminds us of this file photo, which goes back to 1958 and two enterprising young men from Pico Rivera:


Just love that line, "The young men are turning a fascinating hobby into what promises to be a lucrative business venture."

Congrats to Bob and LeRoy for doing such a great thing for so many years, inspiring so many of us, and just being all-around great people!

For the heck of it, we wondered what was there at the old offices of The Pico Rivera News on E. Whittier Boulevard. No Tiki, most likely ... right? Not even a shred of bamboo? Well, we took a peek and found there is a little bamboo there indeed!


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