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Anybody get up to tiki-related projects during the (ongoing) pandemic, that wouldn't have happened otherwise?

We painted our garage door, inspired by an old mural advertising the Tonga Room here in SF:


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Not having a space of my own at the time, my lockdown Era projects were mostly musical in nature (seen here), but I did get around to constructing some decent float lamps - even made a profit off of selling some to the neighbors once things calmed down!


I did start work on an octave of Boo-Bams, or Chromatic Tympani. Lengths of tuned PVC pipe with rawhide heads tacked on. I got as far as the high and low Fs before winter '20 set in and it was too cold to work in the garage. I really should try to finish them soon.


Finally getting around to rehanging the lamps I built during TC's dark days. Turns out that command strips and steam radiators don't play well together. (Woke up in the dead of a winter night to a massive crash to find broken glass everywhere...) Thankfully my landlord doesn't mind holes, so long as I use the right hardware and patch them when I move out!


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