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"The Exotica Album" by Øyvind Torvund

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Don't ask me to pronounce his name, but a chap from Norway had just released* one of the most spectacular neo-exotica albums in recent memory. We're talkin full-on lush Les Baxter-like orchestrations, the kind rarely made nowadays, mixed with modern experimentation. Clearly, no expense was spared.

It's all probably a little too dramatic (and strange) for basic tiki bar background sounds, tho anyone should like gorgeous tracks like "Out of the Jungle" or "Starry Night."


It will be performed live in the Bay Area, June 6: https://www.otherminds.org/exotica/ Hope they come to LA!

*oops, actually it came out in 2019.

[ Edited by MrFab on 2022-05-24 10:47:00 ]

I enjoyed it.


Certainly a sweeping effort!

I enjoy the mix of classic exotica sounds (vibes, tribal rhythm instruments, winds, lush strings, etc) with the modern beeps and blips of the synthesized stuff. It's maybe a bit "out there" for some (reminds me a bit of Ixtahuele's tribute to Eden Ahbez album albeit not as bizarre), but I found it definitely a nice listen, and the production value is really good. Great mix and arrangements.

Thanks for posting and letting people know of its existence!

"..Ixtahuele's tribute to Eden Ahbez album.." Oh yeah, that came out a year or so ago. Pretty interesting, glad I got it, tho it didn't really grab me like this one.

Agreed, I got it on vinyl and was really excited for it since I love the Ixahuele stuff, but it was... perhaps not for me. Incredible musicianship and awesome production, but yeah.

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