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Heading to Minneapolis and Atlanta

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My birthday week travel is taking me from Boston (Kowloon, Wusong Road, maybe Shore Leave) to Minneapolis (Psycho Suzi's) and Atlanta (Trader Vic's, SOS).

I've been to Psycho Suzi's before but only during Christmas, so I didn't get to see the "real" place. Are there any other places y'all would recommend in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

As for Atlanta, I've been to Trader Vic's and love it. Never been to SOS but I've heard it's fantastic. Any other recs?

Thank you!

Sorry I missed your post until now. I'm still trying to get into the habit of checking Tiki Central on a regular basis.

Other than Psycho Suzi's, there isn't much in the Twin Cities. There is the Tilted Tiki [https://www.thetiltedtiki.com] in Stillwater, which is an easy 30-40 minute drive from Minneapolis, depending on where you are. Stillwater is a riverfront town that is fun to visit in the summer. I was at the Tilted Tiki 3-4 years ago. The drinks and appetizers were good. For decor, they were sorta/kinda Tiki.

I also visited Tilted Tiki a few years back and would definitely recommend their food and cocktails over Psycho Suzy's. As Scott indicated, their decor is kind of a mixed bag...I'd say it was 80% classic Polynesian Pop and 20% Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville.

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