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Le Sacre du Sauvage - Sheet Music

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I am nothing if not a completionist. I've had several saved searches on FleaBay for several years now to alert me whenever a piece of Les/Leslie Baxter sheet music is put up for sale. With the exception of the odd Quiet Village here and there it has been nothing but a sea of The Poor People of Paris for almost two full years. I thought I had hit a dead end.

Well, after many shady transactions in the back rooms of the internet and dark pacts sealed, I have completed my collection (if partially in facsimile) of the entire published piano reductions of Le Sacre du Sauvage from c.1951. I promised myself once this was achieved, that I would share my bounty, so that others need not search and scrape the way I have had to!

So, here they are: DOWNLOAD from Mediafire

The Ritual 3

Also included, a bonus Hammond Organ transcription of Martin Denny's version of Quiet Village.

Quiet Village MD organ 1

I've got a few other exotic pieces of vintage sheet music as well. Stay tuned.

and thus Bam Bam was a benevolent tiki god

This is really cool, I’ve always wondered if such a thing existed, thank you for sharing!

Wonderful! Appreciate the diligence and hard work it took to complete this. Thanks for letting the rest of us in on it!

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