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Munich and Krakow cocktails 🍹?

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First post on the new TC! Sweet to have it back. Thanks to Hanford and team behind it for reviving!

Off to Munich and then Krakow for a bit. Possible to get a solid approved libation outdoors anywhere in Munich? Aware of the Trader Vic’s there in MUC but trying to limit indoor hangs where possible for now. There’s a solid cocktail spot in krakow, possibly tiki I hear, according to the wife’s family so will attempt to explode that in PL. I figure the chance of a high quality 🍹 outdoors is probably limited but if anybody can tell me otherwise, it’s this tribe!

any other suggestions welcome!

Mahalo, Mr. Ho

Not tiki, but the Jaded Monkey, in Munich, is a favorite small cocktail bar of mine.


They also have outdoor, 2-person, tables as the bar is tucked away on a side street (Caveat - I have not been there since the summer of 2019).


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