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Trader Vic's Members Only

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Aloha all - apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else or should be in another forum.

I see on the Trader Vic's website there is a members only section and it seems pretty steep cost to join.

Is anyone currently a member? What kind of stuff is in there? Is it worth it?

Asking for a friend who already has too much crap but is always looking for more.... :)

"Trader's Treasure Hunters." I got an email invitation to join a couple of months ago, but I didn't take them up on it. I have since deleted that message out of my trash, otherwise, I would have posted the details here. The memberships are currently sold out.

I remember special perks, some free stuff, a private store for members only, and a very high annual cost - hundreds of dollars. I'm like your "friend" - I have too much crap, but always looking for more. But I've got plenty of Trader Vic's stuff, the only thing I really want (and don't need) is their cool palm tree stem glassware. They're much too delicate - looks like any small fart would break them - so I passed on those for the 10th time when they went on sale a few days ago with a first-time buy one, get one enticement.

So tell your "friend" to keep looking for more memberships to open up in the future.

Oh, and you have to be very good-looking to join. That's why I got an invitation. Did yours get lost? :)

Ha thanks for the info - I know they used to have a "treasures" section on their website so I wasn't sure if it was stuff like that or maybe better (like items from closed locations, etc.)

Would love to hear from anyone who may have pulled the trigger to understand what is actually in there and if they plan on renewing a membership because they think it is worth it.

At least I can stop dreaming of a membership if you have to be good looking to get one! LOL

I'm a member. You get some Treasures branded merchandise when joining and then early access to some stuff going on sale. And a few items only for members (one of which was really cool for me), plus additional store discounts.

I'm not sure how much I can say about what's available (re Fight Club) but would say it is maybe not the most awesome "deal" purely on a dollars/cents standpoint, but as a Trader Vic's fan still might make you feel good about joining.

Thanks for saying whatever you can. Since membership is sold out and I assume they want to keep folks interested I would not imagine too much would be secret, but I get it rules are rules.

Sounds like a pretty good deal but maybe not a great one. Will be interested to see if spots open up because folks don't renew.


Wonder if they’ll ever expand into the US market again? We went to the TV “light” in Sarasota when it was open and the drinks were really good, as was the food…I would think they could make a go of it with a “ toned down” TV experience, although I’d prefer the over the top TV experience of yesteryear

Membership for 2023 is open now.


Membership costs $199 and is good for one year. Details are below but we expect your coffers will fill with priceless loot by the end of your journey.

1 Welcome Gift with exclusive members only treasures
2 Trader's Treasure Hunters Membership Glasses
1 Trader's Treasure Hunters Pin
1 Trader's Treasure Hunters Patch
Exclusive promotions and invitations to the latest and greatest happenings across the entire Trader Vic’s collection
Exclusive access to one of a kind treasures and collectibles
Members only pricing - 5% off the store all year long including sales
Members only sales and promotions
Early access to new mugs
Birthday Perks – $25 Shop Gift Card
Members only giveaways and gifting

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So like can nobody on TC show what they got, or will Trader Vics punish you if you show top secret items?

I don't like it when you don't see any of the great stuff you get for joining a thing.

Down south they call that a "Pig in a poke"

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Skip, good one ...that saying goes hand in hand with "letting the cat out of the bag" as putting barn cats in the piglet bags...if you were caught, it was "meet my friend rt barrel and left barrel"

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