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WANTED Hidden Harbor Pittsburgh Umbrellas, swizzles, menu, coasters, and roadtrip brochure

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Aloha TC people !! I have no idea if this is the right place for this...but, it would involve selling, or swapping / trading, so here it goes.

I am hoping that someone in the Pittsburgh area, possibly someone that goes there a bit, would be interested in getting a few of the swag items for me. I would be able to pay for the items (if anything), for shipping, and will gladly negotiate how much to pay for one or two drinks and some food, to make it worth your time.

I would like the following: Qty (12) - new style umbrellas with the mermaids (I've seen two colors, maybe more?? would like 6 of each color way) Qty (12) - new swordfish swizzles (4 each color way(3 diff colors)) Qty (2) - menu....not even sure if you can buy them there?? Qty (2) - the new roadtrip map Qty (6) - coasters (diff colors)

Let me know if anyone is interested, and you can send me a message, and I will try to make you a worthwhile offer to go and get me some swag !! ...also...I can possibly get some similar items in the area, if there is interest.

Thanks for reading, and Mahalo for your consideration !!

Pages: 1 0 replies