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Vintage bamboo tiki bar for sale. DC Metro

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Pulled this out of my wife’s grandparents basement. Needs some love on the top. Sides are great. Three original stools. Twine is decaying and needs to be replaced.

75$ OBOF6F73A9C-F73E-46E0-9BB1-88ED8DBC4A7EA3A21025-9F6D-45AC-80F8-EF71F6DC35ADB0D46F54-F40E-4C2C-9FA3-DF9C22D2F0C1F3870D02-DD57-4125-B18D-CF90493D2DD4

Wanted to offer it to my tiki Ohana first.


Damn..Wish I was back in Fairfax. GLWTS! Great deal.

Hi. A little late finding this but did this sell? Interested, if not

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