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Glad to be back sharing. Here are some of my recent works over the last couple of years since TC has been down. Cheers!! Ocea Otica mugs and chimney glass stand.
IMG_2669IMG_2665IMG_2659IMG_2661IMG_2562 Drinky Fiends mugs and first test zombie glass stand, and my 2018 test sample of the Beachbum Berry DEEP SIX Bowl produced by Cocktail Kingdom IMG_2634IMG_2664IMG_2061IMG_2662IMG_13372AD4F2B3-AFBA-4403-AF74-5E11C5BB733E76824892-F5C8-4D29-9A57-32D6AAFCC2B7BE52B720-6E5F-4088-B2B5-9BD409DEC434

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Yuuuuus! Looking so good!!!

Nice to see you posting again and still knocking out some ceramics. -----GROG

Thanks Toe. We back!

thanks bud. Ceramics is full time now. Helps keep the mental health in check.

10 The Bum Zombie i made and one of the photos from my shoot got used on the label of the Hamilton Beachbum Berry Zombie Rum (attached photo by Latitude 29)

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