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The Parrot's Shadow (Lima, Peru)

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The Parrot Shadow Rum Bar & Tiki Cocktails, perhaps Lima's only tiki-oriented bar. Has been open -- on Calle Santa Luisa #250, San Isidro district-- for about 3 months at this point. (It had a previous iteration in another location for a few months but shuttered due to pandemic lockdown.) The drinks are solid, very much in the Vic and Donn vein of things.


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Its the second Tiki Bar in Peru.

The first one its called Curayacu Tiki Bar, and they have 3 bars in Barranco, San Borja and Punta Hermosa beach.

While Curayacu is more introductory to tiki culture and sells their own mugs, Parrot Shadow is a more deep knowledge and have more obscure drinks and modernized classic.

I prefer Curayacu since is closer where I live but I reccon that the Crystal Clear Jungle Bird of Parrot is unique

That's great to know. The ambiance looks good in the pics on their Facebook page. I'm heading back to Lima for a bit this summer. I'll try to check them out. Thanks for the tip!

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If you are around August, tell me because I will be on vacations in Lima or if you want to know good spot to visit

Thanks for the offer. I will be there in July.

(I just looked at the maps, and I see Curayacu in Barranco is almost right across from what used to be the 7 Vidas taproom.)

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