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Ok Ladies...Here's your Tiki Shoes

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You might have seen this gals other designs in the Collecting Tiki Forum but I wanted to show you her new design. You can pre-order now by emailing her from her site:
Her name is Lindy Lou and she recently became a member here on TC.

There will be another wedge design in the future but I think these are hot!!


owww-eeee! I wish that I wasn't broke right now.


Those who are not familiar with tiki, are likely to come up to someone wearing these shoes, and say 'Why are you squishing that grimacing figure with your heel?' It reminds me a bit of Atlas, trying to bear the weight of the world upon his shoulders.



A gal up here in Chicago custom made a pair like this for a friend of mine back when I used to co-own a vintage store. They were pretty cool (too bad they weren't my size!) :)

Come to think of it, the person who owns the shoes lives in Austin now. A connection...?


There may be a connection - I'll ask her.

She has just introduced these so they still aren't in yet - you still have time to save your pennies.

GECKO posted on Fri, Sep 5, 2003 3:24 PM

auwwweee!! gotta get a pair fo da wahine! those are cherry!


S'far as the gal who made the Kustom pair, and the gal who received them, I know the receiver. She's a friend of mind named Dana and she showed me the Chicago pair when I told her I was going to have Tiki shoes made. Nothing's new, I guess. The original Chicago pair are beautiful and gorgeous and I just wonder if that gal is still making carved shoes. She did a damn fine job.


Ohh yeah, the Misses is definately getting a pair of these as an early Christmas Present.


I love those! The lucky ones are really hot too. I collect good luck charms :)

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