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Trader Vic’s Japan 1979 shotgun shell

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A prized mug of my dads, and a seemingly rare find, broke last night. Any info on this is appreciated. I’m trying to track down a replacement but haven’t even seen a photo of this online yet. 6C2447C6-5829-495C-81E1-2255E63C0C209866C13C-25BA-4E30-AEAA-749AC086B41C0CF9278B-2477-4170-8831-C6030B4A2172


They still serve Gun Club Punch at the Tokyo Trader Vic's, but I'm not sure if it's still served in that mug.

Hi. Just came across this old post of yours as I was researching the three matching mugs I want to put on the market soon. Please let me know if you're still looking to acquire one or more. Thanks! TV1

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