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Brother Cleve has passed

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I'm still trying to get independent verification, but I have seen a couple of posts on FB that Brother Cleve has passed. Really influential and a really all-around great guy.

MrFab posted on Sat, Sep 10, 2022 3:24 PM

I’m afraid so: https://m.facebook.com/ModernHarmonic

Such a shock. I was talking to Cleve as recently as a few weeks ago. We were discussing the Sun Ra exotica project, and so much more. He had so many plans. Clearly, he must’ve thought he was in good health and figured he’d be around for a while.

It is so shocking and sad.

Patrick Maguire has posted what has become more or less the official memorial thread.

Our old twitter pal MacCocktail has been posting one liners of his all day

Our next big event at The Current Year was something we were planning with him, a special lounge cocktail night with him spinning vinyl, since it'd been a few years since he'd been in Cleveland.

There is a Lounge King Radio show in his honor tonight, and surely a lot of cocktails are being poured in his memory now.

RIP buddy.

I was sad to see the news.

Oddly, although I knew he became known as a cocktail and exotica expert, I mostly remember him from his previous projects. I've had Fabulous Billygoons songs stuck in my head since I heard. Fun memories.

Sympathy to all his friends and family.

I still have Combustible Edison's "I, Swinger" CD, which was my first introduction to Brother Cleve and the "Cocktail Revolution" movement. It was my gateway drug into Tiki.

I hope he was embalmed in Brandy, Campari, and Lemon Juice.

Oops. I just realized that he didn't join the band until their 2nd album, "Schizophonic" was released. Muh bad...

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We always tended to forget that, too. CE and the Cocktail Nation probably led a lot of us into the enchanted realm of Tiki.

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