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Getting It Home!

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Often in my travels I come across something I'd really like to purchase, but the size makes me wonder how the hell I'd ever get it home. Doesn't seem to worry some people! Just put it through with the suitcases!


Actually I very much suspect that this photo is in itself....suspect! So what's the biggest item you've managed to get home?

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fom 7 006

Beat that, needed a crane and a flatbed truck!

And only had three days to get it or the deal was off.

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Now I think that about tops the list! A magnificent achievement, .....and some fantastic conservation to boot! Well done!


"and some fantastic conservation to boot!"

Well still working on that part. Do hope to see it better than is it now.

Even in its current state it is FAR better than having been junked! It's a genuine piece of Tiki history.

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