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Lime in the Coconut, Chula Vista, CA

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A new tiki bar/restaurant is opening in Chula Vista called Lime in the Coconut.


Nice! I hope the place enjoys the patronage of tiki fans from all over the world.


So we went here this past Saturday. There's the Lime in the Coconut main restaurant, and there's a "secret" tiki bar in the back called X. We ate and drank in X. Liked the food and cocktails a lot, they played appropriate music (exotica mainly) and service was good (a little slow but OK).

But the decor is definitely tiki lite, and unfortunately, that seems to be the trend all too often. There were fish floats, puffer fish, tikis, boat oars, etc. But there was also A LOT of barren wall space and unadorned ceiling. You almost get the feeling like there's a Plan B to switch to a different theme if tiki doesn't work out.

So for me I give it a B- overall. A more immersive atmosphere would have raised its grade.

Nice. Can your order restaurant food in the bar?

You can order appetizers in the bar. We got the coconut shrimp and Kahlua pork nachos. Both good and filling.

Thanks Arriano

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