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Phineas Foggcutter

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This seems like a good place to introduce my friend Phineas Foggcutter. A skeleton with a bit of a drinking problem who lives in my backyard. Died in the 1843 Gwalior Campaign in India, and was posthumously awarded the Star of Gwalior that he wears proudly.

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By Jove, I like this saucy (and rather boney) fellow!

LOL, thank you Mr Bali Hai. Here's a few more I found 2 3




Nice mask! Phineas has good taste!

Yes he does LOL That started out years ago as a Michael's plague mask and got Papua New Guineafied. From my 2011 Christmas card LOL 4ef73096 (1)

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Heart and Liver


Wonderful words of advice from Phineas! Will he be installing a bar in his shower due to his age?


Hey we got one o those!

IMG_1053 (2)

TIKIGIKI, like this? LOL Shower

Tikiskip, Phineas says that's his long lost cousin!

Damn good idea! I'm thinking of doing the same myself.


314358384_485127716954260_2289624846067121702_n 316319052_493769679423397_9154179225994447064_n 316315929_491022099698155_3614953596600318193_n 316804839_498574098942955_3271290464153617589_n


Dating Mistletoe

Dear Santa

A bar in the shower !! .......What a great idea !!!! (thinking to myself...how come i never thought of that before.....Plumbing is already to go !!

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Had to look up "Malort"....it's not sold here. Is it really as bad as all that?

pineapplewhip Right? ;) tikigiki I've never actually tried it but I know it doesn't get much love in the Tiki cocktail group I belong to LOL

Have a safe New Years Eve! received_703844207821943

Hide The Cork

Well at least she's not "legless".....!

As far as you can tell anyway LOL



Loved the ladder! A broken mirror on the floor would have been fun too! As a person who was actually BORN on a Friday 13th, I always enjoy any celebration of that date! Another one in spooky October this year too!



[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2023-01-20 22:11:37 ]

His resolutions last THAT long? Years ago I made a resolution NEVER to make any at all.... Works well so far! And I've been able to keep it too!

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-20 22:55:31 ]

LOL "Years ago I made a resolution NEVER to make any at all" That's me exactly! The only resolution I was ever able to keep :D

Happy Phineas Phriday! 329146078_508958421369047_525765545390619404_n


Try cracking one of these for your next cocktail.... 63dd945fbe59b

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Looks almost the same LOL


Go Phineas!!!

Happy Valentine's DayFB_IMG_1676390662531










[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-02-28 21:42:04 ]

Quite smashing Old Chap! I'm impressed. I take it you fed images of Phineas into an AI program? So like Phineas yet slightly different. He can't cross his legs for instance LOL


No AI at all mate. He's all "for real" ! Props and all. He's large as life and twice as hideous! (Halloween skeletons here must be better articulated?) He's currently making himself very much at home in my bar!

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-02-21 21:52:33 ]

That is amazing! Same boots, same pipe, same faded PNG patch, same Star of Gwalior. I'm very jealous of his hip joints! There have been poses I want to do but couldn't LOL

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