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The line.

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So, like where is the line on doing copies of a tiki item and then even selling them?

I have seen copies of Shag art in the past and man TC comes down hard and fast on those.

And we have all seen the MANY copies of tiki Bobs done in the past I even have five or so tiki Bobs myself and thought they were cool till the flood of tiki Bobs hit.

The mass production of that mug has wrecked it for me, it's kinda like Coco Joes there are so many Coco Joes that not many of them were selling for that much, has it gone up? have not checked those in some time.

Always kinda thought that it was kinda bad to make a copy for yourself but really bad to make a copy of somebody else's art and profit off that art.

I too have made some copies of a Kahiki table lamp as I really wanted to see if I could do it, only made 6 I think it was, sold 4, enough to pay for the stuff needed to make that light and shade.

But I could make a ton selling that light as many people have asked me to make them one.

So where is the line? Is it that you can copy any tiki thing that is not a TC members art or is it only the art of dead artist can be copied and sold, who did come up with tiki Bob does his relatives even know the many versions of that are out there.

Would tiki Bobs relatives think it a good or bad thing that Tiki Bob was copied so many times? I think good until they think they may have missed out on some money.

There was a tiki person making MANY copies of a mug and selling them and always thought it funny that this same person said they were the only person with permission from the relatives to make the mug that their past family member had designed.

So this person knew the concept of not making somebody else's art.

But it was changed a bit, and that brings up another question how much does your tiki art have to change from the original to be yours and not the originator of said tiki art.

In music this is called sampling and there is a time limit to how long you can sample other people music. AND if I copied one song and just threw a sampling of another guy's song on the song I ripped off would that be ok, would this now be my music I could put my name on?

Would love to hear from tiki artist that make and sell tiki because many of them are on one or more sides of this question.

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