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What size and type of rope are you using for wrapping Jade Tiles

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Hi What size and type of rope are you using for wrapping Jade Tiles, I have located some Manilla rope, Has anyone got some pics of what they have done with theirs and how they attached it Thanks

I made my own 8 inch tiles so the scale is a little different. Mine is outside so I wanted to use synthetic rope for longer life and less loosening. Since my tiles are butted against each other instead of separated by bamboo, I put adhesive felt furniture bumpers between them and wired them together with stainless steel wire. Then the 3/8 brown nylon paracord wraps to hide the wire. Been there about 3 years (as witnessed by the cobwebs) and holding up great 20221004_101009

Thanks they look great but mine will be separated by Bamboo and i will tie together with wire first as well, I am thinking of a Manilla rope just want to see other pics people have too

Tile - Medium I used 5mm Jute Twine, from Amazon. I think each tie used about 8' of twine , but I also have a fair amount of space between the tile and the bamboo.

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Thanks that looks great , any more out there?

Mike, I had seen those tiles. Good stuff!!

I used a 5mm cotton rope for mine. The tiles are about 11” or so. I think you could easily go up or down a size or 2 and be fine.


Thanks MaulRat. Those are nice too, foam? A helluva lot lighter!

Foam indeed! I don’t have to worry about dropping them either. Haha


Wow great help, Thanks i will put apost up when i start


Just use what looks best won't know until you try it.

I like to use old rope when I can as I don't like the new glare you get from new rope. BUT ya got to buy the old rope way in advance as you just can't go to the old rope store and buy as much as you need.

Or age it yourself for about a year or so outside in your pond or wherever.

There will be lots of odd mundane old stuff for sale at my estate sale when I go.

Would have said that bac bac weave will not look good on the wall tiles posted above, but look, it looks great!

Just use whatever looks good, that's what Disney does bet most of Disney is made of plastic or resin.

Even the cast members, Plastic and resin, Ha!

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