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With Halloween drawing nigh, I thought I'd ask this question. In your Tiki Bar or collection, do you have an idol, (either genuine or re-imagined) that you could imagine coming to life at night and wreaking havoc like you see in those horror movies? Remember the superstition that arose about bad luck associated with the demolition of Homer Merrill's sculpture claimed to be "Kamuulii"? And that wasn't even a genuine artifact!

I have such an idol. He,...(and yes there's no doubt he's a he) is from Western New Guinea, and for some unknown reason I kind of get the general impression he might be a fertility idol or some such? Could be wrong though.

Anyway, he's usually to be found lurking amongst the foliage in the darker corners of my bar, but he has been known to shift about! Now I suspect he just might have some assistance in doing this, however some mornings I have found him in completely different places to where I put him. Once even outside in the garden! He does have something of a sinister look about him with that amalgam of bird, insect and animal features, and that curious lifted leg. It would not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to see him cast in one of those "Revenge of the Stolen Tiki" movies..... Have you any such figures in your bar?




These are a couple of handmade maracas of some kind that were left outside by the street, along with some other things someone was getting rid of (Most likely moving off island). I think they are kinda creepy looking, and oddly no matter how I configure them facing this way or that, they do seem to change positions of their own accord. It doesn't really give me the heebee-jeebees, but I have had friends comment that they kind of creep them out. unnamed (8)

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They are indeed a bit weird looking Kaiwaza, and specially since as you say, they seem to turn all by themselves. Maybe the previous owner ditched them for a reason?

Now I'm wondering just what is inside them to make the rattle?

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Perhaps they contain the ashes of a deceased Tiki fan?

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