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Today I received a copy of TIKI QUEST...Collecting the Exotic Past, by Duke Carter. I ordered the book through the link here on the Tiki Central website. It is the best $30 (including shipping and handling) that I can remember spending. This book is chock-full of clear photographs of tiki stuff and not a page is wasted! The tiki objects are varied, beautiful, and numerous. The essays are inspiring and informative. If you love the objects inspired by the Tiki culture you will love this book. I would recommend it to each of you, even those that are veteran collectors. Order a copy soon before they are sold out!

This book is a who's who of Tiki collecting. I like the sections on homemade tiki, postcards and matches. Boy I really love the Coco Joe's Volcano mug!!! Great layout very informative...

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Kenike posted on Fri, Sep 5, 2003 8:38 PM

I haven't put this book down since I received it almost a week ago. I even took it with me while tiki hunting this week. Didn't score anything unfortunately :cry:



This book is absolutely fantastic! I already fear that I will render it into dust with the degree of handling it is receiving! Definitely a must for any Tiki library.


Is Tiki quest available in retail right now?? I just did a search on Barnes & Noble.com and didn't find it. Anybody know??

Hey Now Donhonyc,

I ran a search at B. Dalton's last week and their computer listed it as "not yet published". If you hold out they will get it eventually, but if you order from the link at TC you get a $4.99 discount, FREE shipping (in the continental US) and you help support TC! It's hard to go wrong with this deal! I'm waiting for the cash flow to improve then my order is going in.


If you order direct, make sure you say in advance that you are a member of Tiki Central, even though its not asked on the order system. I placed an order and received an email later asking if I was a member. By that time, they had already shipped the book sans discount. But they offered to refund the difference or comp me some swizzles (I took the swizzles). Maybe they've done something to change that a bit, but a head's up to remember when ordering.

Hey Now Scigirl,

Thanks for the heads-up on that one. I did see that they have a note asking you to list what your SN is on the board. That may be a new addition.

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If you want to get the discount, use this link to the web site.


Once you get to the payment page, the price will reflect the $4.99 discount.


Thanks for all the nice reviews of Tiki Quest in this and the other thread!

Currently, the book is available on the Tiki Quest website and at a few independent bookstores and Vintage/Retro shops in addition to (we are delighted to report) Tiki mainstays Oceanic Arts and the Hala Kahiki gift shop. We are working on getting Tiki Quest on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com, but it takes a while to go through their approval process, the paperwork, shipping etc.

As others pointed out, we are offering a discount for members of Tiki Central in addition to free shipping. Also a portion of the purchase price goes to support Tiki Central. Just click on the banner on the top of the page to get to the Tiki Central order page. That will get you the discounted price.

We are also trying to plan events in Chicago, LA, and perhaps Miami, so we'll keep you posted.

Thanks so much for your interest and support.

-Amy & Duke


I got this book a few days ago and have barely put it down since. Great documentation of a fantastic collection! I thought I had seen almost everything in the realm of mug collecting but this book proves that there are always rare new finds out there waiting to be discovered. For example: page 18 - Mai Kai Oceanic Mug, page 41 - Lanai Fogcutter Mug, and page 46 - Mauna Loa Drum and Bird Mugs. Good stuff! The book also clarifies many of the mysteries surrounding the original production and variations of vintage mugs. Thanks Duke and Amy for putting out such a thoughtful and detailed book! I saw your collection when it was profiled on HGTV and it looked to me like you have enough (that didn't make this book) for a TikiQuest "2"...

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Just adding to the general praise- It's a nice piece of work. Highly recommended, unless, like me, you're trying to cut back on collecting. Because I gots all kinds of ideas now.

Tiki Quest is tons o fun. As we looked through it I flashed back on when I was a kid and couldn't wait for the Sears catalog to come out so I could pick out the toys I wanted for Christmas. USPS mangled my copy a bit but I may get another for us and pass this copy on to family to give them ideas for future Christmas gifts!

I received my copy of 'Tiki Quest' at the end of last week. I would have posted up a review before but i haven't been able to put the book down for long enough.
This is the Tiki collectors Bible, every page is full colour and choc-fulla great pictures of all the things we love...mug's, bowl's ,postcard's and just about everything that has a God on it. Just when you think that you've seen it all ,you turn the page and there's a new artefact you've never seen before just waiting to be added to your want's list.
This book is a true labour of love and is the book that i think we've all been waiting for. It should sit proudly beside 'Book of Tiki' and 'Tiki Road Trip' as must have's in your Tiki library. Respect to Duke and Amy for having the guts to embark on such a brave venture. If you haven't got it yet ,click on the link at the top of the page,as i did and get yourself a copy or maybe two coz i reckon my first copy will be worn out in no time.

I am always a proponent of eye candy, in my own film and book photography as well as in “found” imagery, and that is the attainment of TIKI QUEST:
The pictures are your reward. Lots of yummy mugs and objects, some old friends, and many new ones, some strange variations, and the re-assurance that the quest will never end: There will always be surprises out there.
Dave Carter shares his personal knowledge as a hunter and collector who began in the pre-e-bay period. He does not attempt to completely unveil the enigma of the Tiki mug. I concur, as I myself avoided to become too academic in the BOT. When no questions are left, no sense of mystery stirs the seeker.
TIKI QUEST is a guide on the ever evolving quest for Tiki knowing, and here knowing is beholding.

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