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The Bamboo Room, Savannah, GA

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Disappointing! I just visited The Bamboo Room in Savannah, GA, and while it has potential, I was disappointed overall. First the good. The bar is nicely decorated with lots of tiki, excellent lighting (dim), and no TVs. Now the bad...very loud rock music (I love rock, just not in a tiki bar). The drinks were terrible, the Mai Tai barely resembled one and had way too much mint sprig, like sticking my head in a forest to take a sip! All the drinks I consumed, Mai Tai and Zombie, contained too much ice and not enough cocktail. They tasted watered down and bland. I don't think there was much liquor in them. At least the waiter was happy to exchange any drinks we didn't like for something different, but it didn't matter. I would not go back again.tikimai taimenu


Looks like a great place, hope they get the drinks figured out

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