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OGR's Art...or so I call it....Blak Vehlvet #6 Stephen Crane's LUAU TIKI?

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Here is a painting I'm doing based on a Very famous Tiki Polynesian Palace. This is the starting point and it's already shifted direction. I'm using Tikiskip's Lights for some reference. A couple other art pics thrown in as I'm all over the place! early 60's tikibar motelpalm2 (3) baaaaaad1

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Lookin good.

Hey, I just got the Plam motel joke if it ever was a joke.

I wonder if a woman named Rosey owned it.

Cant get anything by you Skip....Thanks BTW. The Tiki Bar is almost done...I'm happy with it so far.


OGR, I'd call that art too. Nice!


Sven's repeated want...a pic of a lady with a Severed Head Mug at REN CLARK'S...this is my interpretation. OK, So I'm Finished (never really, but I stopped)..finally. It's 20x15 on heavy Watercolor Paper and as usual is sharper than the photo....Watercolor and gouache. I worked on no other Art was I was hell bent to finish this, as I drew the original (quite different) part 4 years ago...and had to finish...which kept me deep into details...like as all you say, any home Tiki Bar...are you ever finished? I hope it's a success. A few other newer pcs I did before this...trying to ramp up speed after, 1st a knee rebuild @4 years or so ago and the Spine Surgery (and 6 months in a rehab center) @ a year ago. Onward and Upward! renpaintinga (3)

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That's really good. You've got quite an eye for detail & a brush stroke to support it. Feel free, in fact I would be honored & proud if you used any of my carvings to embellish your paintings.


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Thats great OGR!

I do see a few of my lights there very cool thank you.

Will, Thanks you very much.."will" do in the future...I appreciate that.

Thanks Skip, Wish they had more prominence but I was trying to do as much of the Bar area I could. I appreciate the kudos.


A few other rando pieces and a Betty Page -car show in process. samsonja zxx2 zcsbp1 (2)

I like the monochrome one in the middle. Looking forward to more of the Bettie Page

A few more Rando Hen Scratching's...Tarzan got updated wvampi tarzA

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'Gator wrasslin'!

Keep on posting and we will keep on watching. Well done and interesting.

Thanks so much...much appreciated. I'm all over the board with what I do...I love all genres.

A New series I'm doing of The Classic Universal Monster Movies...my slight spin...

Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 vvcreat Phantom of the Opera-Lon Chaney 1925 uuniphamb The Wolf Man w/Lon Chaney, Jr. 1941 wwwolf

Those look great! I was going to call you out for there not being bikinis in 1954 but they were actually introduced in 1946 so you're good to go! LOL


Thank The Stars above...I couldn't have tolerated the shaming. Thanks Mike

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃🎃🎃🎃 The Final 5 of the Classic Universal Horror Series 1931 Dracula...Bela Lugosi zbeldracA 1923 THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME...Quasimodo=Lon Chaney and Esmeralda=Patsy Ruth zzquasihunchA 1932 THE MUMMY...with the GREAT Boris Karloff as Imhotep...freshly brought to life sans Bandages zzmummyA 1933 H.G.Wells THE INVISABLE MAN starring Claude Rains zinvisaA Finally...1935 THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester...in a White and Black Colored Pencils on Black 9x12 Bristol Board Illustration....no inks zfrnkA

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My initial design for my 1st Faux Black Velvet...doing it on Black Bristol Board...gonna be interesting...been wanting to do this for a while as a small break from Comic type and Traditional Art...1st step the rough..and 2 others w/ some PS. velhvetA velhvetA_edited velhvetA_editeda

I'm so late to this art party. Wow you have mad skills. I noticed that you even put a Ren Clark tiki in the entrance way, impressive. You have such incredible motion in your art. I'm going to check out what you are up to from now on. Well done, I think sketching if far harder than painting.


Thanks Wendy...I'm now transferring the sketch to the Black Bristol Board.....and getting the scale and adding in some lights and a touch O' Color..for the beginning process velhvet.jpgBD

This already looks well done. You know your light sources and shadows. I'm still struggling with those. You are very talented.

I love it ORG? ! Can't wait to see it finished!

My husband says this is his kind of art! I'm looking forward to all your steps.


Very Much appreciated Mike, Wendy, and Dan!

I think the 1st one is in the books Now onto another...Tiki Suggestions? I tend to get too detailed..I'm happy with this simplicity. For sale soon... zytiki

Turned out great! I think simplicity and proper use of the negative space are key to black velvet and you have done them both well

Very cool. I wouldn't change a thing.


On to another...The Ku is based on the at Puuhonua O Honaunau. The first Rough...Thanks for viewing... hawbv hawbv_edited

I am very envious of your sketching abilities! Looks great

Thanks Mike! Much appreciated

I agree with Mike--your sketches are captivating even before they're fleshed out. You've got a knack for packing a lot of details and character into a few lines on the page!


Much appreciated PP...these are fun, but hell, I love all genres as my work will show. But I agree, sometimes my roughs and pure pencil are some of my faves.


Next Step...laying in some lights and a Touch O' Color of the board...and a playful PS "Roxanne" Light. uhaw_edited uhaw_editeda

Nice! Took me a minute to realize what was going on. The red one is a digital image with a filter?

Yes...just goofing around...some times I will do that also to balance my Lights


Done and in da Books...now on to #3 yhawA


How about some Hawaiian Eye "candy" ? xhawaiieye xhawaiieye_edited


2nd step...transferring and adding some color on the board...BTW HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! uhawaeye1

I did a Hawaiian Eye tiki painting for my husband. I think he would say he likes yours better!!!


Thanks Wendy...I'm sure he Loves yours..

Number 3 is done... XHEYE1

Looks great! They are having a Mai Tais and Black Velvet sip 'n paint at Trader Vics in Emeryville CA. I'd love to attend but it's close to 1,000 miles away LOL


One can dream...


Number 4 with a little Witco...gotta fix the fountain a bit witcomaina witcomaina_edited

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The one on the right is definitely Witco. The one on the left, not so much...


Changed the fountain up and added some lights...in a two color variation... utikiwit


You can't stop me..I will continue this madness... A Prelim for the next one....gotta Twist the tiki slightly...2nd w/ color pop xbum xbum_edited

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