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Custom Glasses

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I know this has been covered, and I have searched around some, but where are folks getting their custom glassware done? If you have artwork but need quality screen printing etc....? There has to be a few places I'm sure. Thanks everyone!

Are they the only game in town? Or are there other options? Thanks in advance!

They aren't the only game in town, but they are extremely popular, especially on the West Coast. I think some bars have been able to work out pretty good arrangements with Libbey Glassware or other companies.

Of course, price depends on how many you are buying, how many colors you want on the print, and whether you have finished graphics or you need them to do some graphic design also.

I can vouch that I had a good experience with South Pacific Promotions when I ordered custom glassware from them.

Thanks for the info. I’ll look at Libby etc… and search around and see who is out there offering services. Take care!

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