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WTF is a Jibbitz?!

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This is what comes of the "Tiki is whatever..." mindset. Posted in Beyond Tiki because it sure as hell ain't OG Tikiphile. Real men don't wear plastic shoes, Vic.


Really makes sense. Manufacture holes for the necessary ventilation in a non-breathable plastic shoe.....then block 'em up with more plastic.

Are pink crocs covered with Star Wars mugs jibbitz tiki?

this TOTALLY belongs in the "THAT'S JUST WRONG" thread - https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic_id=20545&post_id=806324&start=480#post-806324


All shock/horror/indignation aside, I don't see anything wrong with the jibbitz themselves; they're modeled after classic TV cocktails and seem to be well-made. I'd totally wear these on my fez...oh, wait...Saint Vic wouldn't let us wear those either.


The "mai tai" has pineapple and a cherry garnish............'nuff said!

Which is exactly what you'll get if you order one at a Trader Vic's.

they forgot to include "Werewolf Drinking A Pina Colada."

They look suspiciously like Fraternal Order of Moai merit badges.

lol, there he goes again


welcome back, white devil :lol:

The holes in Crocs are to allow your dignity to seep out. There aren't enough Jibbitz in the world to prevent that




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