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Home Bar in Rhode Island - "The Lost Endeavour"

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Finally finished up my home bar in the basement. After collecting "Tiki" for about 18 years now, my wife is very happy I don't have all this "stuff" hanging around the house any more. 1 1234567![](Uploading 8.jpg…)9![10](/uploads/4535/6388eea62db7d.jpg [ Edited by TikiSOX on 2022-12-01 10:12:10 ] 11121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 3132![](Uploading 33.jpg…)3435363738394041424344 454647484950515253545556575859

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WOW! My eyeballs loved seeing that! A marvelous space, and well-organized too... well done!!!


Excellent job! When do we get to come over?


Super-impressive layout and wonderfully extensive collection! Excellent stuff!

Full tilt amazing!

Koteka? Seems like I saw a few of them? Koteka

You got any background info on the piece on the right and maybe a straight on pic? 6388ef87ea047


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Yes, there are a few penis sheaths here and there to balance of the naked breasts... As far as the item on the wall, you can read all about it in the first Oceanic Arts auction. Early Leroy Schmaltz prototype carving. These figures were all over Disney, and other mid century Polynesian type restaurants...

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I've got the book, I'll check out the carving

I make most of my own stuff and you inspired me. I ordered a couple of long gourds today to make my own koteka (for display, not to wear LOL)


Actually, these don't appear to be gourds but a woven basket type material. The other is wood.


Many of the New Guinea tribes used woven materials for their constructions


and here's a wooden one


and a gourd type.



Wow! awesome bar!!!

"Enslaved by Six love starved sex goddesses... can he escape this evil Eden?

Wait like leave? Why do that?

So, the name of your bar must be the evil Eden. Or the love goddess Lounge?


The name of the bar, as seen in the title of this post, is "The Lost Endeavour". The key question is, why did I name it that??????


Venturing a guess here. Maybe because Capt. Cook's barque "Endeavour" remains lost? (There is a possibility in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, but it has never been conformed.)


Very good! It appears they found her here at the bottom of the bay, burned by the British as they evacuated Newport (another interest of mine)...


As the "Endeavor" under Capt. Cook was very much a part of the discovery and mapping of the east coast of Australia (where I live), I have a great interest in her whereabouts now.

"Lord Sandwich II", previously "Endeavour", previously "Earl of Pembroke", was sunk on 4 August 1778, but I have not read of any actual confirmation of the identity of the wreck in question. I believe a considerable fleet of ships was scuttled in the harbour to provide a barrier, any one of which COULD be the "Endeavour". Do you have any updates?



"Lord Sandwich II"

Wait, did that guy invent the "sub-Sandwich"?


It is rumoured that in 1762, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented the meal that changed dining forever. Due to his obsession with gambling, he did not want to rise from the card tables to waste any time eating so he had his servants bring him meat between slices of bread, and voila! The "sandwhich" was born. Now whether this is actually true or not is another matter, but the name is still used.

Amazing work! Some stunning pieces in there too! I mean...a lot of stunning pieces in there! There's a beautiful collection of Oceanic Arts pieces, along with some holy grail mugs and just a general great sense of how it's all displayed. So impressive! Mahalo for sharing!

I am absolutely gobsmacked by this. This is a tour de force of classic tiki principles of layering and texture. Every single image, from the stairway entrance to the backbar is an exercise in sensory overload. Wow. You have every right to be proud of your space. It is outstanding!

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