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When can I log in without multiple captcha?

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Today I had to identify stormy seas or something like that. How much longer do I have to put up with that?

I believe I am checking the "remember me" checkbox but the next time I log in I have a new captcha.

I wanted to update my profile picture because it was many years old.

I had two captchas to update it.

And my profile picture was not updated!

I have tried multiple times to update my avatar but have repeatedly failed with invalid password or failing to recognize raspberries in a captcha.

[ Edited by Scott McGerik on 2022-12-11 05:38:57 ]

Hi Scott McGerik,

You'll need to enter the captcha every time you login. Captcha is used to reduce spam and so far it's been pretty good at doing it.

Clicking "Remember Me" should work unless there's something strange going on with your browser. Are you using a private mode or some other privacy restrictions?

Cheers Leevi

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