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Bahooka recipes

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Hey does anybody have knowledge on what went into the now defunct Bahooka drinks? I know they weren't great but they were fun and having a party in the next couple weeks and along with the more traditional craft tiki drinks like Mai Tais, Zombies and Painkillers I was thinking about doing a punch of bowl of Bahooka wackiness. Looking for Honey Bowl/Head Shrinker. From what I heard it is apricot juice, pineapple juice, rums(? probably cheap lol) and the kicker Mountain Dew or Coke lol... Maybe I have been told wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have one of their menus but it doesn't tell you much about what's in the drinks.


Hey thanks! Yeah I’ve seen that menu before. Also remember a bartender that worked there told me that they used Mountain Dew in most of the drinks. Which would certainly explain being wired when drinking them.

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