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Chrome browser support

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This has been reported months ago via email I assumed it was fixed already, but turns out I was wrong. Trying to reach TC via Chrome browser always gets me a result similar to this: inbound6277975039776042982

The only way for me to reach it is from within the Facebook app. Somehow the app->TC link works.

It would be great if TC worked on Chrome .

Thanks, Ran

Can you copy the link from chrome and post in a comment.

Also which version of Chrome on which OS are you using?

It doesn't matter which link, but here's an example:


Chrome 108.0.5359.128 OS: Android 10

BTW, we've been through this before. The same happens on Windows 10 and Chrome for desktop. Besides these two (Android, Windows) I don't have other systems to test on, unfortunately.

Thanks, Ran

Latest version on Chrome on Windows 11 has no problems for me.

2 years later still same issues. Not able to view in Chrome. Ran

Are you using the same device as your previous issues?

Yeah, same devices - Windows 10 laptop, Android phone.


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