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Hello, I’m planning a tiki bar in our new garage but as we’re still moving stuff around my brother and I decided to do a small tiki/Christmas layover in our basement as a trial version of what the full bar would be like. Some of the props are from estate sales or antique stores, the plants are from a fake plant emporium in the industrial area of downtown Los Angeles. I built the lamp with the help of my Mom a few years back. We also had a Christmas Exotica/ Old Timey jazz music going on while another speaker hidden in a cabinet played bird/jungle sound effects. Overall it was a great time using it to serve drinks on Christmas eve and Christmas Day, thanks to everyone for all the inspiration!


[ Edited by Captain Cook on 2022-12-26 15:13:44 ]

Good luck on your build out!

love the skippers wanted poster and ammo can


Nice work, and a great start! Most of our Tiki bars started off small, but they certainly have an amazing propensity to GROW!


It looks great! I like the .50 cal box, too. Adds a bit of WWII feel.

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