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Artificial Intelligence AI art

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Art from keywords made with computers is often in the news and will certainly be more so in the future.

This batch was made Wonder app. It was also my first try so there's certainly room for improvement. There's a certain surreal aspect to what the computers get wrong too.

Personally I'd consider this ethically equivalent to editing pictures of clouds. Clouds can look like many things and are nice to look at - but aren't intelligent artists.

Anyway...I suspect the computer created an Aunt Jemima tiki and part of what I enjoy is trying to figure out why the app made the choices it did.


Hamo posted on Tue, Jan 3, 2023 9:09 PM

I was playing around with Hugging Face's Stable Diffusion AI a few months ago (I posted some AI Mai Tais here) and came up with a few other things that weren't too bad.

AI Hula Girl 3

AI Tiki 5

AI Tiki 6

AI Tiki 11

AI Tiki 12

AI Tiki 14

AI Tiki 15

Nice images Hamo. Thanks for adding to the thread.

1679007452054Created with Wombo Dream AI art app. Using Unrealistic style with this prompt and lots of variations based on a zoom in of the original one.

spirals noir snowflake 1870s painting "frank frezetta" m.c. escher, thick paint. red desert, orange puddles, purple sand, black iridescent green clouds, metal crumpled aluminum foil ball fire


I'm glad the app accidentally made a War of the Worlds style martian.



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Wow! I'd be tempted to have that first zoomed image as an art print - space age tiki!


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