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HARDCORE TIKI MARKETPLACE Bamboo Club Long Beach first Saturday 12-5 ish!!

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Hardcore TIKI Marketplace Saturday January 7 th 12-5 ish. BAMBOO CLUB LONG BEACH. ALWAYS FREE ENTRY!! Killer cocktails! Tiki Artists and Vendors! Tiki Food! Punk Rock Exotica !! Come one. Come all! All ages too!! D862916F-1A99-411D-AA53-76C933D3F978



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Ben, check your image upload, it's not showing.

All you SoCal locals, come out for this, The Bamboo Club has expanded, with lots of work from Ben, Big Toe, Doug Horne and other great Tiki artists, huge patio and lots of Tiki everywhere, My better half, Jungle Ginger has been vending there since the beginning of Ben and Viki's marketplace , so ladies come out for the most excellent Hair Flowers on the planet!

Did I say there will be cocktails?

Hamo posted on Wed, Mar 29, 2023 6:08 PM

I won't be there for the marketplace, but I am flying into LGB in a few weeks and looking forward to revisiting the Club to see what's been added in the past few years.

How's the parking around there on Hardcore days? Much of Long Beach sucks for parking.

Parking is OK in the daytime, but is hit and miss at night, it's Long Beach and parking always sucks in Long Beach.

We've driven up a few times for the market & haven't had too much trouble parking. We do try to arrive early (before Noon), but only had to walk more than 3 blocks or so once. It has been tougher when we've gone to the bar later in the day.

It's a smaller market, but all high quality vendors (and yep, I've purchased from & recommend Jungle Ginger!) It's always a really fun day; we're way overdue for another trip.

Thanks for the info. I'll plan to attend the May event!

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