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If I post something on Photo Association, how long until TIKIGIKI will post?

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GROG posted on Fri, Jan 27, 2023 3:53 PM

Nobody has posted on Photo Association for awhile, and I know TIKIGIKI's trigger finger is just poised to pounce once somebody does. And when somebody DOES post, how long will it take before TIKIGIKI posts? Days? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Are we taking bets? Should we do a poll?

P.S. Love ya TIKIGIKI! ;)


Fun game, but it only works if people play it!

GROG posted on Fri, Jan 27, 2023 6:50 PM

The same can be said about sex.

(Or Russian roulette.)

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I'm reliable informed that both those can be played by one.....

Really? Damn. Which should I try first?

Well probably NOT the Russian Roulette. It can actually preclude any further experimentation.....i

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I do SO hate to disappoint....specially on so obvious a test. (Remember, you have to allow for the time difference.)

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OMG, you could do this same game with more than a few TCers that have been playing this game for years.

You will need to change a few words though.

Nobody has posted on Wendy Cevola Posting crafts for a while, and I know hang10tikis trigger finger is just poised to pounce once somebody does. And when somebody DOES post, how long will it take before hang10tiki posts? Days? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Are we taking bets? Should we do a poll?

P.S. Love yall ;)

You can put hang10tikis name in the "nobody posted spot" and Wendy's in the "trigger finger spot" and it also works too.

But that's been going on for years, there was a time that some TCers would not let anybody dare to take the top of a thread for a second before bumping them down with their own thread or their friend's thread.

I for one think the "Photo Association...." thread is kinda stupid and wonder why it is the one thread on TC that gets so many posts do people have nothing better that's tiki to add to a tiki site?

TIKIGIKI has had some cool pics I wanted to ask about but then "that's not how any of this works"


Looks like hang10tiki wins with a one-minute time to post on Wendy's last post! Wendy beat TIKIGIKI with a five hour and fifteen-minute time to post on hang10tikis last post VS TIKIGIKIs six-hour post time to Photo Association.

But then who's counting?

GROG posted on Sun, Jan 29, 2023 8:54 AM

You are SO right Skipster. I've noticed over the years there are definitely several posters with trigger fingers, especially on certain threads they follow. Maybe this is the only social media they follow?


Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I assume the Photo Association game is placed on TC because it is expected people will play it, ....at least those who may find it fun. It's actually an exercise in derailing. How far away can your photo be but still maintain a tenable link with the previous post? Sometimes it's even humorous! It sits in "Bilge" so it's not interfering with the deep discussion on Tiki. A bit of comic relief really. And no, it is most certainly NOT the only social media I follow, but after I have read what has appeared on TC, I usually have a quick look at "Bilge", mainly for my own amusement and the fact that I do like to discuss things other than TIKI.....well sometimes anyway?

That plus in my practising of the Zymurgical Arts I have produced some "White Lightning" at just under 80%! Now don't go thinking that I'll be drinking the stuff, ...well apart from a very tiny experimental taste. GOOLLLEEE GEEE!!! It will be watered down to a more respectable level and turned into a perfectly acceptable rum....or Orange CuraƧao, something a Tiki Bar uses a lot.

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That's exactly what that thread is for TIKIGIKI, you post away LOL


Personally I am highly honoured to already have a thread devoted to me and my postings! And I'm a relative newcomer to TC too! Calls for a drink! Make Mine a Mai Tai....

GROG posted on Sun, Mar 19, 2023 8:46 AM

Uh Oh. MrBaliHai posted on Photo Association, so the countdown has begun.

GROG posted on Mon, Mar 20, 2023 9:39 AM

Cyclotron beat out Tikigiki to post on Photo Association. Maybe because of the time difference bcause of where they are located?


One simply has to give others their time to shine.......

GROG posted on Mon, Mar 20, 2023 11:54 PM

Is that typical of Australians?


Nah....we don't believe in being backward in coming forward!

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