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Moj Tiki bar 1 This is my homemade tiny tiki bar which purpose was to be easily manually moved elsewhere when needed to mix with other tropical stuff. We manually painted wood and printed those hard papers. Those blue ropes are also manually cut and tied with glue.

Moj Tiki Bar 2 This is a bigger version of the mobile and adaptive tiki bar. There are plenty of artificial and real plants around, a few tiki mugs, a moai bust, a small fountain, and some decorations. It was pictured during a party.

Moj Tiki bar 3 Those are 4 tiki mugs in the pack when I bought them. I like the purple mug the most.

Moj Tiki Bar 4 And this is one big Tiki mug I have. it is designed for tea actually, its name is Tea-Ki as far I remember. There is a hole in its mouth actually for tea cookie haha. I put usually some tropical candies there. In this picture I drink coconut-white chocolate coofee, with bananica in its mouth. And that pink candy is actually a raspberry-based one. Even coffee here must be drink in tropical style.

Moj Tiki Bar 5 This is a closeup from the Easter scene we had last year. Even Easter here had to be with that style. We see Moai bust and that small fountain. The fountain is actually a very useful prop here, as it is used to attract people with its water movement style, its LED light, and especially its water noise, mimicking a small creek. The bigger fountain, the bigger the water effect and sound will be. By the way, its also our rabbit in the picture. And that is it for now. Once I buy something related to the topic, I will post it here.


Great to see that the Tiki style is alive in Serbia! Keep up the good work and show us your additions! Glad you told us it was your rabbit. For a moment there I thought it might have been a different animal entirely. (Probably not one that you would have in your home!)

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Hello TIKIGIKI, I am glad to talk to you. Thank you man, I am glad that you like this. Haha, yes that is a rabbit actually, we had two, but one died two years ago, so this one is left. This is probably different subspecies, as it has little smaller ears, and little bigger fur, so it can often cause misleads at first sight haha. davor This one looks more like a classical rabbit.

Oh, regarding tiki culture in Serbia... well, honestly as far I know it is almost non-existent. I may be the only one, if not in my city, in the country as well. We are a landlocked country, in temperate zone, yet to have something related to tropical islands. I have because I write about tropical islands, my blog has over 70 articles on the first page of Google (I will mention this more in my introduction thread, I forgot to open it), so I am an exception. We do have here tropical-themed bars, however, to some extent. There is one ,,tiki bar" on another side of my country, but it does not feature any tikis, no tiki mugs, no printings, totems... just tons of tropical stuff, actually a tropical bar. There are some tropical bars on the capital city's beachfront. In my city we have one jungle cafe, also one cafe bar that has coffees from Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba etc... and something and that's all. But no tiki. Its almost an unknown word here. But yes, during the summer, a lot of people are wearing tropical shirts, and some even drink Sangria and cocktails in bars, and thats all. We also have Mexican, Chinese and other ,,exotic" food, and fish/nautical restaurants, here are tons of tropical-themed sweets and candies, and even alcoholic drinks such as rums, Captain Morgans, Malibu, Blue Curacao, and many others used as ingredients in some cocktails that you make. But tiki directly is not present, however, my friends and neighbors are enjoying in my tiki bar here, and tropical-themed music. Oh by the way, one thing that I cannot forgive myself is that we did have a tiki drink a few years ago (its name was just Tiki), and I never drink that, it got about 8 types of it, and each of them has a unique taste and color and different beach or island printed. We do have kon-tiki ice cream from the main manufacturer. And more or less that's all regarding tiki.


Thankfully it wasn't a skunk....

David, what you describe would be the perfect place for a real Tiki Bar! Tiki was always about escapism, and worked best well away from the Tropics, .....Alaska for example. Or anywhere with a cold climate. What would be the purpose of going inside to see fake palm trees, tropical vegetation etc. if those exact same things were everywhere just outside the venue...and for real? People wanted to forget the cold, or their dull working lives and imagine for a brief moment that they had travelled to an exotic island place full of everything they imagined might be in such a location. Continue to build on your work. You are probably creating something unique in Serbia.

Do they have what we call charity stores there? They can be a good source for finding pieces for your bar. You just never know what somebody will throw out! I myself have found some great Tiki stuff in charity shops.

[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-02-04 12:45:21 ]

Skunk! hahaha! A few years ago when kids saw it, they thought it was a squirrel.

TIKIGIKI, yeah, I agree, what you say is true. But it is not USA or other place where people have ,,sense" about these things. People here are uneducated about tiki stuff. As you pointed out, tiki culture is about escapism, but the vast majority of people here would not know what they are ,,escaping" into. You can put everything here and call it tiki, they won't notice. But yes, you have totally point that once setup properly, this is actually very interesting to people who come to spend time here. It is about making unique stuff by mixing various related stuff, and once combined they make a great atmosphere. For example, those decorations, outdoor lights, fountain sound, tiki-themed food and music (tribal house/techno and other tribal electronic music mostly, but sometimes I put old classical don-tiki related stuff or drum and bass, jungle mania, rarely). Then, people really enjoy time. Especially parties, sometimes we even watch a themed movie.

Regarding that charity store, we do not have many, I have one nearby, but did not notice such things. We do have actually one big professional store that sell professional decoration for bars and restaurants. You would not even notice that palms are artificial. I will show you pictures I took from there if you are interested.

Oh, by the way, I plan soon maybe to order these, they would be a great addition for a tiki bar and parties. porudzbina2 It is somewhat expensive, but we may purchase that soon, we will see. As we do not have tiki, we have some Moais around for an offer. They are also a good replacement. And the skeleton is also amazing for tribal effect.

[ Edited by Davor Todorovic on 2023-02-06 02:40:25 ]

TIKIGIKI, unfortunately, I am too late for this Moai pot! It is no longer available, but we ordered that skeleton today, it should be here soon. I will take picture of it

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