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Kahiki Scrapbook from History Press out Feb. 2023

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Hi Folks, The Kahiki Scrapbook will be available in a couple weeks at History Press. It is chock full of rare photos and other cool stuff we found since the first book came out!! Enjoy!!

Jeff with Kahiki Scrapbook

Look forward to getting it! The first book was great!

You are just a literary machine! I am looking forward to adding this one to my collection!

We too loved the first book. We will grab one of these too.

WWBBQ posted on Fri, Feb 3, 2023 6:49 AM

Hey that is incredible. Hopefully no pics of the Walgreens that is there now! Looking forward to it. Already checked out the order site.

Hey, please post the link to the order page. Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. It means a lot!!

Below is a link to the book from History Press. You can also order from Amazon. Keep in mind the Release Date is February 27th, 2023 so you may have to wait a few days to order it. Mahalo!! :)


Thank you. I will go see if I can pre-order it from Amazon.

Mine just came in the mail. Great job! Many thanks to all who were involved - it brings back many memories from when I was stationed in Columbus just before she closed. Kahiki

Our copy came just in time for my husband's birthday. He loves it.

Got the Kahiki Scrapbook the other day and there is a thing in it about the Kahiki Moai that was in my back yard that is just wrong.

I did get in contact with Jeff about it and got a well that's what one guy thought Tikiskip said nothing can be done now about it tough luck.

Two of the MANY authors had my phone number and email and hack knew where I lived, they could have got it right before the printed the book. Or heck asked me when they were there or even take notes they asked almost no questions when they were there.

Did give them a bit over a week to post here about that mistake but they did not so I will read through it again and post a more detailed telling of where it was so it can be righted.

I did not sell the Maoi because the zoning laws would not let me put the statue up and I have NEVER told anybody that EVER.

When we got the Maoi we checked first to make sure that we could put it up.

Great book!

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