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I am new to Tiki Central. I got into Tiki over the pandemic and am looking to build a home bar. I am looking for a resource that would list suppliers of Tiki building materials (matting, bamboo, tapa cloth) lighting (glass float lights, puffer fish, etc), tiki decor (tiki masks, tiki figures, spears, clubs, etc.), nautical decor, etc. Ideally that list would have customer feedback that would speak to quality and service, etc.

Now that Oceanic Arts is closed there does not seem to be a single source for these items. Is the there a resource like this on Tiki Central or elsewhere? The marketplace section seems to be more of for sale resource.

Thanks for your help


I've found a few nice items at TikiMaster, but they are not cheap!


I really think that the people here who have built their own Tiki Bars did not go to any single source for everything. "Tiki Ikea"??? You build your bar by getting components from various sources, and imagining what you can do with/make out of perhaps totally unrelated materials. Quite often "junk" can be turned into Tiki, with a little imagination. Buying specific items from a shop/gallery will set you back a lot of money. Charity shops/markets can often provide a lot of suitable things at much better price. Look closely at the pictures of home Tiki Bars here and you will see how an overall atmosphere can be built up piece by piece. Look for old ropes, fishing nets, marine jetsam etc. Fake plants at sales, baskets, cast-off South Pacific souvenirs. Cane/bamboo place mats are a real find. They are everywhere in charity shops now but can be used to make so many decorative items.

Just don't aim for "instant" Tiki Bar all at once. Make it your personal journey, adding stuff as you make/find it. Remember, a Tiki Bar is never finished.

Here's a warehouse for nautical at https://www.piecesofship.com/

and a good tour video of it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrfi7baHIXU&t=648s

For natural materials, here's another source:


Thank you for your note. I appreciate the ethos of the journey. I am looking to build over time from many different sources.

Are there any websites that would list different Tiki related physical and stores/makers for lighting, building material, decor, etc.? I can Google but it would be great to have a curated list with customer reviews or feedback. If there is not one, could we create one on this forum?

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Thanks for the shout-out, Trader Tom! Alas, Nautical Antique Warehouse has announced retirement plans for 2024, which means we have only two years left to enjoy their offerings. My wife and I suspect they've made this announcement in the hopes that someone will step up and buy the business outright and keep it going, but until that happens the clock is ticking.

Oceanic Arts was indeed the only one-stop-shopping retail/wholesaler for all tiki needs (Sea & Jungle was too, back in the day, but OA bought them out). They were a beloved institution that will never be replicated--particularly the stuff they created in-house. Their building materials weren't always the best price, however. They imported a lot of what they sold and there's no reason others can't do the same. Indeed, places like Nautical Antique Warehouse do this on a more limited scale.

There are lamp makers and tiki carvers active in the U.S. who happily sell their creations. They do so on an individual basis though and there's not a single storefront where one can find them. They may be found here on specific forums or in the various dedicated Facebook groups on carving or tiki lights. The list constantly changes, so it's hard to maintain a master list.

As for building materials, here are a few (apart from Frank's) that I've had good experiences with:

Bamboo Creasian

Forever Bamboo

I've ordered from Backyard Xcapes in the past as well, but it appears they no longer ship directly. Their products are available from big box retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot tho.

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Also wanted to add that Tiki Tom-Tom is putting together a wonderful book chronicling his visits to home tiki bars from coast to coast.

His photos are spectacular and he is currently scheduling seminars about the home bar building process, sharing what he learned from all those home bar builders which will be in the forthcoming book.

I'm sure the book will have a ton of recent resources listed!

No sure of the eta for the book, but it will probably be a must-have when it arrives.




If ya find one let me know have been looking for that type of thing for 20 years now.

The stuff you do find now is often pretty high priced and it's hard to take all those items and make a light and then sell it for any kind of profit, not to mention the fees for vending that are sometimes just crazy.

The shipping fees are many times higher than any money I make from the sale that is why I mostly make lights and just wait for some person I see in person and can just sell it to them and hand it over.

BUT with that said IF a person sells stuff they often times don't want to just give out a list of the few places that they have found to buy stuff cheaply.

Had a person on TC PM me on where to get lampshade parts and she always treated me like crap, just wow, she was bold.

Most of the time people that ask, "how do you make that light" "Or where do you buy..." are the folks that would never let a dollar hit my hand and want every freebie you will give them.

Buy it where you see it is the only cheap and good way to get the stuff you need.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the info and recommendations.

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