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Hello people! Since I have a few smaller various recipes, instead of creating each post individually, I will put them in this one (if needed, I will open a new thread). I will edit and update this post when needed.

RedTiki This is what I call Red Tiki, because it is red colored. It is good and healthy. And here are the ingredients: 2 The ingredients are:

liquid tomato


red pepper

red/purple onion

coconut flour

Spices: chili flakes, Lidl Caribbean spice

Preparation: Lightly oil the pan where you will prepare this dish. First, pour the liquid tomato into the pot and put it to a simmer. During this time, chop the red pepper and the red/purple onion (if you don't have one, you can also use regular onion), and put them in the pot. Then chop the tomatoes, add a teaspoon of coconut flour, a teaspoon (or as desired) of Caribbean spice, and a little chili. (additionally, you can put some salt) Leave it all to simmer with occasional stirring, until the liquid evaporates and the mass becomes thick! Red Tiki is ready to eat. Best eaten with some cheese, or with pasta.

TikiPiletina Exotic Chicken Pieces

The ingredients are: chicken fillet


corn flour


Spices: TexMix, Quesadilla (from Lidl, you can find similar ones), and salt (optionally)

Preparation: Cut the chicken fillet into larger pieces. Beat the egg and roll the chicken in it. Sprinkle it all with flour and roll well. Sprinkle peanuts over it, add spices, and mix. Oil the pan and cook, turning occasionally until it turns golden yellow.

KiviLiker Kiwi Liqueur

The ingredients are:

Domestic rakija (or vodka optionally)


tablespoon vanilla sugar

2 kiwis

kiwi aroma

Preparation: Similar to the strawberry liqueur I wrote about, this one is also made with a minor difference. It has nice green color. Peel and cut the kiwi into smaller pieces, and put it in a jar. Pour half the jar with rakija. Heat a glass of water, pour sugar (amount as desired), pour a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, and stir in hot water until everything melts. Pour sugared water over the rakija, add kiwi flavoring aroma (quantity as desired) for better taste and color, and mix. (optionally you can add rum) Leave for a few days to a week in a cool place to combine everything. After that, you may or may not remove the kiwi pieces.

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