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Just curious about garnishing

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Do you garnish your drinks when you're drinking alone?


Mai Tais? Yes, always! The lime shell sits there ready and I enjoy the smell of mint of which I have a garden full. Other drinks? Some have very complicated, specific garnishes which look impressive but don't really add to the taste of the drink, so no. Not if it's not for a guest. Imagine making THIS impressive garnish each time you mix that drink? 20140302parrotgarnish or this: 20140302bloodymarygarnish

Garnish 1

As old as Tiki Central is, I think there are at least one or two other posts here about garnishes and the Zen of garnishing. 😉

Sometimes the garnish is lush enough by itself!

True LOL

Hamo posted on Wed, Mar 29, 2023 7:40 PM

How did you know I drink alone...?

Don't we all? Here is the greatest article of all times on the subject. https://drunkard.com/the-zen-of-drinking-alone/

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