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Tiki Girl, Long Beach, CA (bar?)

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Name:Tiki Girl


Street:5935 Cherry

City:Long Beach






Description: Found this wooden nickel on eBae, so I’m assuming it was a bar. Google is wildly unhelpful - I found one reference in a Long Beach City Directory from 1969, and another in the Long Beach Independent Press Telegram from February 1977, so it must have been around nearly a decade. Any other intel?


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Replying to my own post with a little more intel.

The Long Beach Polk Directory for 1969 lists the business along with the names “James Sparks” and “Richd [Richard?] Menard” (see image below with highlighting). Do those names mean anything to some of the old Tiki heads who were around back then? FWIW, the space at 5935 Cherry is currently occupied by the Crest Bar.


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