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My latest music project, Mr. Moai & The Tikiheads, is almost completed and my website is now live. I posted Track 1 from the album on the website. The song is called The Dawn Of Tiki. This song is pretty much Exotica and the rest, which will be out on all major streaming platforms sometime this Summer, are a mix of Surf and Exotica, hence the name Surfotica! Hope you give it a listen and I would appreciate any comments good or bad. You can listen at www.mrmoai.com. Thanks!Surfotica Cover


Great artwork too!

Thanks Tikigiki! It's about 65% done and I'm hoping for a late Summer release. I'll keep you posted.


Love the first track - thanks for sharing! For those of us into collecting such things, will there be any physical releases?


New, ...and appropriate, avatar too!

I am considering a CD or Vinyl at some point in the future. Depends a little on how the streaming goes. Not out of the question. Thanks for listening!

The Dawn Of Tiki is available as a free download on the website at mrmoai.com/music. It will also be released as a single on all major digital music platforms on April 1, 2023. The response has been great so far. Thank you everyone!

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This is a great tune! I am totally spinning it in my Tiki Tuesday stream tonight.

Well done! I am impressed with what I'm hearing.

I appreciate it, thanks!

Thanks Ray! I will be sure to listen tonight. Stay tuned for the rest of the album!

First song sounds great. Looking forward to more.

Thanks! The Dawn of Tiki is being released tomorrow on all the streaming music services. Add it to you playlist!


Thanks to Digitiki for playing The Dawn of Tiki on The Quiet Village Podcast Episode 122! Greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Speakeasy Ray, Tiki Lounge Happy Hour, and Cocktail Nation for playing The Dawn Of Tiki on their shows!

Sorry, The Dawn of Tiki is no longer available as a free download, since being released. But you can hear it on all major streaming services!

Sounds great - Looking forward to hearing the rest!

Surfotica is finally finished and will be released on June 14th, 2023 on all major streaming music services! More info available at www.mrmoai.com. Here's the track list:

  1. The Dawn of Tiki
  2. Cocktails for Breakfast
  3. Rum Rhumba
  4. Nalu Akua
  5. Night of the Savage
  6. Shaken and Stirred
  7. Mai Tais at Midnight
  8. Ka’a’awa
  9. The Tikiman Cometh

You can catch a glimpse of Surfotica by hearing "The Tikiman Cometh" on episode 124 of The Quiet Village Podcast! A big mahalo goes out to digitiki!


I just posted the album, Surfotica, to my website with previews of the unreleased songs. A CD is in the works and hopefully, be available by June 14th, when the album is released digitally. Check out the previews at www.mrmoai.com/music.

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