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Kitchen 5315, Napili Bay, Maui, HI (restaurant and bar)

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Short review: AVOID, AVOID, AVOID (for now).

Long review: Kitchen 5315 on Napili Bay claims to be a restaurant and tiki bar.

It is... one of those things. Mostly.

Things did not get off to a good start when I saw the decor. Not quite so bad as to be labeled Party City Tiki but not too many cuts above. Things got worse when the only drink on the menu even remotely Tiki was the "My Mai Tai." Sensing it would be inadequate--I ordered a beer (that was not good either). Things got still worse when we were ignored for a good twenty minutes until I physically got up and returned our menus to inform the hostess that we were ready and no one had been by. She promised to find someone.

spongebob splash screen sOmE tImE lAtEr

A waitress walked right past us to some people who had just been seated and started taking their orders. My mother and I are extremely patient, pro-worker people (I'm a union rep!!!) and we had lost our patience at this, my mother let out an audible "hey" and I had to flag down the hostess again. She interrupted the waitress, who then had to apologise for abandoning the customers she was engaged with in order to take our orders.

I think they had about four people for a large restaurant. Totally inadequate for a Saturday night ON MAUI.

The only saving grace is that the food was good enough (similar to what you can get at many Hawaiian restaurants, food trucks included) and in large enough portions that when divided (we both took half home, really two meals for us) and the cost is more than reasonable, even on the cheaper side.

They've only been open a year and... Yikes. Consider this a hard pass.

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"Pineapple" chairs and a few plastic ferns? Really?

Not great! Combined with the poor service...

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